Monday, December 22, 2008

On inking

I find it very interesting in how my attitude towards inking has changed since I've been working on Lumia's Kingdom. When I was doing the art for Blue Zombie, inking was one of my biggest hassles. I simply did not want to do it, but I saw it as a necessary evil because my pencils are very messy and don't scan well. Back then a lot of my art was done with ink pens such as the Sakura Pigma and Staedtler Sketch Pens.

After taking my Sequential Art classes at SCAD, I really tried to push towards using more professional tools like quills and brushes. I think I've probably spent close to $100 on various nibs and pen holders, trying to find the right one. After I stopped doing Blue Zombie, the pursuit of such knowledge of finding the right nib died a bit.

When I started LK, I found an art store near by and picked up a few nibs and an ink vial and went to town on the first page. And I learned something very interesting--trying to be more professional with my technique began to take the fun out of it. I tried all the nibs I bought, but they all felt like there were making more work for me to finish the page. In short- they were taking out a lot of the fun of doing a comic.

I still had some Pigma liner pens from a few years back, so I broke those out. And what do you know--it felt less like a chore for me that way. Sure, the line width is harder to maintain and longer to implement, but somehow, it feels better this way.

Now I don't mind inking so much. It actually gives me something to experiment with, especially since the comic has gone completely black and white for the moment. I'm sure if I returned to my professors and told them this, they'd scoff at my efforts. But then again, the way I see it, it's about my personal enjoyment. And in the end, regardless of the fans, regardless of the more professional techniques, the most important thing for me is that I have fun with what I'm doing in the end.

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