Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ar Tonelico 2: What the f---?!

Fun conversations from Ar Tonelico 2

A conversation about "Diving" into Lady Cloche:
Luca: I'm sad Lady Cloche took your "virginity".
Croix: Well, it was kind of strange that I had not done it in my life until then. I should feel honored that my first partner was Lady Cloche.
Luca: ...... I wanted to be your first partner That's why I never did it with anyone except for my customers. But, she took your "virginity" in front of me...
Croix: Well, that was just...
Luca: I was even ordered to help you two feel better during that... I'm sorry
Croix: Ah... well, sorry. I did it with her as my job, too, anyway.
Luca: I know, I know that...

Cloche and Luca talk about Croix:
Cloche: Anyway, Croix is such an exasperating guy...
Luca: Why do you think so?
Cloche: Because he can't even dive alone. How pathetic. If you hadn't helped him, his dive into me wouldn't have been successful. And he came running out after losing in my Cosmosphere so quickly. How can he be a Knight like that?
Luca: ......
Cloche: But, I really want to thank you, Lucca.
Luca: ...If that's what you think, please give me back his virginity.
Cloche: What? Did you say something?
Luca: Oh, nothing.

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