Tuesday, June 9, 2009

About Blue Zombie...

I have gotten a few emails about Blue Zombie lately. Mostly, the emails have been about me picking up Blue Zombie again... or handing the reins off to someone else willing to continue the story.

I'll be quite blunt; I have no intention of picking it up again in full. And I will not hand it over to anyone else.

BUT.... I might have some Blue Zombie characters in Lumia's Kingdom... I'm currently looking into "interesting" ways to include them in the story somehow. Not as regular characters, mind you, but I will look into giving them proper cameos.

In the mean time, it's obvious that if people are still hooked on my last webcomic, I have to work even harder to try and make my current one better.

Jeez. Can't get a break, can I? <:)

1 comment:

Aron said...

Well Blue Zombie was a killer Comix. When i started to read it, I just couldnt stop,and immediately fell in love with the characters. Then i found out it had ended you'll never continue Blue Zombie i was heart broken a little, because you ended at a climax of a real great Comix

I understand your choice to stop making the Comix and i respect that.

Keep up the good work on Lumia's Kingdom