Friday, August 14, 2009

Why so late?

Some people may be wondering about the lack of updates lately.

Truth is, I lead a fairly busy life. Since moving to California, I've been finding time to be more lacking. This is exacerbated by the fact that traffic in SoCal is freakin' horrible. This sometimes makes attempting to get comics up in a timely manner quite challenging. Add to it that I try to balance time by drawing another mini comic and trying to design a computer game in my spare time, and wanting to get in at least 6 of my 8 required daily naps and you can see how it gets pretty busy.

On top of this, my girlfriend has temporarily moved in with me while she does an internship for her graduation requirement. And, well, truth be told, I'd rather spend weekends out of the apartment with my girlfriend than spending it inside drawing comics.

Add to that, my roommate has been jobless since November. Yes, this is the same roommate who got me the job at the company I work at now. He's been applying everywhere humanly possible, but hasn't gotten any promising results lately. So if anyone knows of any place hiring 3D character artists-- even if it isn't in California-- drop me a line. In any case, it's been hanging in the back of my head that I might have to move soon if my roomie goes back to Michigan, so if that happens, that could cut into more of the comic's updates.

I'll try my best to get back on track with LK as soon as I can.

Just bare with me for the time being :)

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