Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dealing with car stress

One of the greatest things that a person can deal with in life is when something incredibly stressful is suddenly thrown at you.

And one of the most stressful things to deal with is car troubles.

I have had my share of car troubles. I've been in three accidents--two of which in the car I was driving. I've had my starter die, my nearly-ruined transmission cut open, and my CV boot fail on me while I was driving it in Savannah.

And yet... I still have the same car. I have had this car, this 1998 white Nissan Sentra, for 6 years.

Truth be told, only the starter dying happened on its own. The accidents, the transmission having to be cut open and the CV boot failing were all due to (expensive) human error. The latter two are the reasons why I don't go to Firestone for repairs anymore.

Despite everything that has happened, though, my car has managed to pull through in the end. Which is why, with great pride, I have named it after the famous game designer John Romero. Because no matter what you do or say, you can't keep John Romero down. And the same goes for my car.

Today, John Romero had another incident to deal with.

I was walking to him at 6:45 this morning for work. When I got to John, I looked inside and realized that my ashtray was sitting in the passenger side seat.

This immediately struck me as odd because I don't smoke. Aside from stuffing trash in the ashtray, it is almost never opened, much less removed.

It was then that I realized that not only was the ashtray out of place, but the glove compartment was open, stuff had been pulled from under my seat and the inside of John was pretty much trashed.

As my eyes traveled from the front seats to the back seats, they moved upward to what was the masterpiece of the horror before me-- a broken rear panel window.

My car had been broken into.

As I was talking to the police on the phone and going over the damage, I was trying to figure out what the thief had taken other than loose change. Apparently, I had left my emergency road side kit in the back seat. This kit was contained in a rather large bag and did not explicitly say "HEY! I'm an emergency road side kit!" Most likely, the thief thought it was actually something worth money and decided he wanted it.

Oh, yes. He wanted it BADLY.

It seems he attempted to pick both locks on the front doors. But good ol' John wasn't having that. The driver side didn't work for the thief (and now sticks a bit when I put my key in it thanks to his fiddling around with it), so he moved to the passenger side.

It was there that he broke whatever instrument he was using to pick the lock off in the lock itself.

Furious, but still determined, he resorted to breaking in the rear panel window to gain entry. All for an old road side kit and some change.

I am still pretty upset over the matter, but I somehow managed to swallow my stress and drive John to work and back after calling the cops.

It wasn't until later that I really thought about how much trouble this thief had to go through to get into John. And how much hell John gave him over a stupid road side kit that has some partially melted jumper cables, a bunch of old pain killers and band-aids that are probably expired by now.

So yeah. In the end, John Romero has lived up to his namesake once again and proven his worth.


Thomas said...

Man that is rough...

A few years after I moved here, I was walking down the street after dinner with my girlfriend, we were going back to my apartment... I looked over at my car and noticed someone getting into it. And kept walking..

It took a few seconds, if you can imagine, to register and sink in. In all honesty, it's very very rare, (possibly never happening?) to see someone get into the passenger seat of your car.

I walked over and looked at two gentlemen in my car, one in the drivers seat, one in the passengers seat. I just kind of shrugged at them like 'WTF?'... they saw me and freaked out and got out and just kind of walked quickly away.

I saw that the dude had something big and metal in his hand so I wasn't about to start anything with him.

They ended up getting away, my insurance covered it but man what a wierd situation. It happened literally across the street from my apartment, too.

Glad you're ok!

John Romero said...

I'm honored, Tamar!

Tamar said...

You're quite welcome, John :D