Saturday, October 10, 2009

On story progression & making new characters

I'm extremely guilty of playing things by ear, even if I have an idea of where I want things to go overall. Of course, we tend not to focus on the little details until they're immediately in front of us. Then, when the deadline rolls around, it's like "Oh, crap, I gotta put something out now!" And it's very tempting to write a farts-and-dicks joke just to keep the current gag going, but sooner or later, it can bite you back and it often hurts.

I've been trying to keep things moving at a decent pace but trying to make sure they stay interesting at the same time. Last Friday's page is an example of this; I didn't really have an idea of what I was going to do when I made the page thumbnail on Wednesday. I figured, "I'll just do another Lumia versus Camilla comic and call it a day!" But before I began, I realized that in the long run, I still have a lot of ground to cover with other characters that I haven't touched as much. Sure, Lumia's got her plate full with the R-MUTT and the palace doors and the queens, but what about Ott and Jordan? What about Kitty and the alleyway bums? And did Marceaux survive his epic toss out of that window??

So I think I was wise to deviate a bit and do a strip about Antoine and Leon remembering the good ol' days. And, if you caught it, I hinted at something else as well ;)

The deviation, I feel, should prove to be a nice segue into these next couple of pages.

...Which, ironically, aren't written down yet, but at least I know what I'm gonna do for them!

I actually took time to brainstorm a bit and doodle some (I don't doodle enough. You can chalk that up to my free time being spent too much on game design) and I came up with a new character to push the story forward.

But I can already hear you: Tamar, are you insane? A NEW character? But you've already hinted at two characters (Violette and Etienne) that haven't even appeared yet!

Well, hear me out. This character plays an immediate role in the page I have planned for Friday, October 17th. They will help bridge a gap between current characters and characters that haven't appeared yet.

Oh, here we go again. MORE new characters? Are you serious?

Well, wait a second, let me clarify. Settle down. Yes, more characters are on the way. The slew of characters that have yet to be drawn have a pretty big role in this story arc. And maybe beyond the story arc as well (I haven't decided yet).

Hell, they've had a pretty big role in my life...

But I said the character in next Friday's page will be new. Technically, the characters after that aren't all that new.

If you catch my drift :D

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