Monday, November 2, 2009

Anniversaries and moving

So November 7th will be the one year anniversary for Lumia's Kingdom. That's right. One full year of inundating you people with my horrible inking, my flawed panel continuity (gestalt be damned!), my tacky racially motivated pun towards bird brains and, let's not forget, naked kings.

How do I plan on spending it?

By packing up boxes and moving into a new apartment!

Lemme explain.

Sadly, my roommate, despite all his awesomeness, could not find employment. And so, after almost a year of working on his portfolio, sending out resumes and hoping for the best, he's decided to leave the hotter-than-hell world of SoCal and move in with his family in the colder-than-hell world of Michigan. And, given how expensive it is to live out here, I can't financially handle living in an apartment by myself.

But as luck would have it, some friends of mine are in need of a roommate. So if all goes well with a meeting with their apartment manager, I will be moving in with them later this month.

Of course, this means that there won't be any regular page updates for Lumia's Kingdom for a while. I do plan to edit some of the website, but the actual comic is on hiatus until I can relocate and unpack everything.

So in the mean time, subscribe to the RSS feed, join the email list, follow me on Twitter, or park yourself right here for updates on when I'll return.

And if anyone has anything they'd like to submit while the comic is on hiatus, drop me a line.

Hope to be drawing for you guys again soon :)

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To freckles!