Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moving update

So, when this move started, I thought I'd be in the new place by the middle to late November.

Things haven't gone exactly as planned, though they are still on track.

Essentially, the individuals whose room I am hoping to occupy aren't moving out until November 29th.

And I have to vacate my own apartment by November 29th.

So that's a little disconcerting, but not terrible.

One of the other roommates in said apartment has already moved out, and it was agreed upon that I could temporarily store my stuff in his room once the landlord inspects it for any damages and whatnot. Then, once the others moved out, I would move my stuff into the proper room.

Awesome sauce!

...Except the landlord caught the flu and hasn't had the chance to inspect the room yet.

And so I wait patiently. And, unfortunately, so must you wait before I can resume updates for the webcomic.

So press on, dear reader, and continue to troll the internets for other humorous material until I have negotiated these windy (but not hectic!) trials in epic relocation :)

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