Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I spent 9 days working on this page. I tried to do the entire process digitally this time, thumbnailing it straight into the GIMP and refining the image and inking and... well, to make a long story short, it flopped.

I went back and did the thumbnail by hand on my standard 5 x 8 notecards, scanned it, and continued from there. After FINALLY getting into a groove with it (that took about, oh, four days to get into!) and getting the page ready and decent, I've decided that the digital inking process isn't really something for me. Maybe I'll fool around with it in a smaller capacity later, but using a tablet to ink isn't the same as holding a piece of paper and a pen in your hand.

I still use the tablet for digital pencils. That part is a lot of fun. But then again, I guess I have fun until the point it requires me to be refined and clean and you know, ink. In which case, it's ALWAYS nicer to be able to look at the entire page in one glance instead of zooming out and rotate the page if I'm trying to ink a line in a particularly difficult direction.

I do realize the restrictions that this creates (harder to fix mistakes, having to deal with scanning quality, etc) but I do think the old way is slightly more personally gratifying. Which is very important; if the process of creating a comic becomes more laborious than it has to be, it takes away a lot of the motivation.

I'm still greatly motivated to do Lumia's Kingdom and I'm still going to draw each and every page so long as I'm alive and have a story to tell. I thought going the digital route would make the process faster (and less expensive), but sometimes, the old method is just more satisfying.

So sorry for the delays. I'll try to get back on track with these pages.

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odevisky said...

Yeah, I totally find inking by hand to be the best since you have just that much more control over things. Inking with a tablet is fun but not if you like to get up close and personal to the paper to get that teeny detail. Zooming in that much hurts my eyes haha