Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busy week!

So this week has become surprisingly busy quite suddenly.

On Monday, I went to the doctor to check up on some abdominal pain I had been having. The pain had been getting better, but apparently my doctor thought it best to get an endoscopy. Which is a process that involves sticking a camera down your throat. Or your butt. I'm not sure which I'm getting (I hope like hell it's the former!), but I've set up appointments for this week. Needless to say, doctor's offices are open during work hours, so I have to take time off from work and then make up that time as well to meet my deadline.

On top of that, on Monday my girlfriend and our friend Phyllis and I decided rather late in the day to go to Meltdown Comics and get the last volume of Scott Pilgrim. This was a rather lengthy journey because I had to drive down the 405 to pick up Phyllis and then drive back home, grab something to eat and then attend the event.

I'm also due to get up during the days of Comic Con and go to a friend's apartment to feed her cat while she's out of town.

Topping all this off is the feeling that I should experiment with the comic-making process a bit more. Which may involve me getting more materials than I currently possess.

So there won't be any pages this week. I'll do my best to get them up next week.

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