Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A bit of time off

Things have been quite busy lately. Trying to nail down some things at work, a bit of traveling, figuring out how to mend relations, a slight mid-mid-life crisis (yes, two "mids"... I'm only in my twenties!) and some rather unsettling health issues have sort of been nipping at me a lot lately.

But don't get me wrong, I still plan on updating the comic. I just need a bit of a break.

My preferred re-entry into doing pages is targeted for November 23rd. I say preferred because, as we all know, shit happens and nothing (especially with me >_>;;) is every guaranteed.

So, if it wasn't obvious by now, I must ask you all for a bit of patience while I try to sort things out.

In the mean time, I will do my best to keep sketching things to post for the next two weeks.

I'm off to bed. Thank you and good night.


Tapio Peltonen said...

Enjoy your break and relax. The comic can wait.

Your readers will come back when you're ready to continue updating.

Camaxtli said...

But I just started reading your comic! Ah well, I'm willing to wait.

Draxenn said...

Hey man!
Yes, life certainly does happen. Sometimes it happens in a higher dosage than anyone wants!
I hope your time away from your comic is productive and restful. Look forward to updates when you return! (i'll keep checking periodically)