Monday, October 24, 2011

Expensive investments

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted something on this blog. How you guys doing?

I apologize for the lack of updates lately both here and with the comic. There are a mixture of reasons why I've not been as productive lately:
  • Work got a bit crazy and dramatic as of late
  • I became obsessed with my personal game project
  • Flat out laziness

With that in mind, I'm constantly thinking of ways to try to improve the speed of which I do the comic. Several strips ago, I tried digital inking and I was pleased with the results but had to fight with my Wacom Intuos to get what I wanted. As a result, I abandoned digital inking in favor of pen and paper. But this, too, is time consuming as I'm not a very fast inker and it makes it harder to try to keep at something when it takes so long.

As that was going on, I set a goal for myself financially--I wanted to get my savings account up to a certain amount. I figured I could do that by the end of the year and then I could use whatever was left over to get something nice for myself.

I met my goal earlier than I expected a few weeks ago.

So when my next paycheck came in, I gave some real thought to one particular question: should I get a Cintiq?

I'm not talking about the huge $3,000 one. I mean the small $1000 one, the Cintiq 12wx.

I have a bit of a bad habit with investing in technology and then not using it as much as I'd wish (my DS and original Intuos tablet are evidence of that). Also, I wasn't sure that I'd truly like having a Cintiq.

After much deliberation, I came to a particular conclusion: I'll go ahead and get one. And if I don't like it, I'll sell it to one of my friends who could use it.

Of course, Wacom was sold out on their website. I saw it listed that the Fry's in Burbank had some in stock, but upon visiting it we found out that the sole Cintiq still said to be in the store could not be located. No biggie, I figured. I'll wait.

Then I went home and checked Newegg. And surprisingly, they had it in stock.

So I dropped a grand and had it shipped to me at work. I expected it to come in a packaged box with "Newegg" on the front.

...It came in the original box from Wacom, with "CINTIQ" written and pictured on the front. Just poorly wrapped in clear plastic.

...And in the front where all the artists at work could see it.

It was an awkward walk to the back of the office.

So I took it home, stuck it in my room and then... went with Daniella on vacation for a week.

We got back and spent some time just resting.

Then, I finally dragged out that box and hooked up the darn thing. I had read a bit about it and thought I knew everything to expect from it tech wise.

Except for the handy back stand. That I did not expect :3

So far, it's been pretty useful. I configured it to work with GIMP pretty well and I've liked what I've seen (except that, since GIMP opens multiple windows on the desktop, I open a window on from the tablet and it appears on my other monitor. A bit annoying.) I'm currently thumbnailing/penciling page 178 digitally and it hasn't felt too laborious.

Well... that's not entirely true. There is one side affect; my back hurts now.

The handy stand allows me to prop it up on my computer desk to draw. Except, like any desk, it sits lower than one can comfortably draw at. So I have to hunch over a bit to get eye level with it...

My spine doesn't like me now -__-

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