Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Status update

Hi guys.

Long time no see.

I got a night to myself and wasn't quite sure what to do. I knew what I should be doing...writing the next few strips for Lumia's Kingdom.

What I did instead was decide to write this blog post.

First thing's first-the comic will continue. I just need to find the time and motivation to keep doing it. Both have been depleted as of late.

Around August of 2012, I was (begrudgingly) pulled off of one game project at my job and put onto another where we had a very big push towards mobile. That's what I've been up to ever since. It's been a slow, steady grind that, on many an occasion, has required 12+ hour days. It's inconsistent, some weeks are better than others but it hasn't done well for my will to do much else when I get home.

And, as you know, social games are an engine that never really stops. There is never a finished state. NEVER.

It's not all tears and snot-noses, though; my coworkers keep me sane (I pray I do the same for them) and we get treated pretty well at work for the most part.

Since then, as is evident by my Twitter feed, I have been increasingly in programmer mode and decreasingly in Lumia's Kingdom mode. In November, I tried to find a way around this and posted two comics in four panel format, thinking I could adopt this and be more willing to update more if I didn't have to spend nearly as much time drawing, inking and lettering.

...Except now I view this as a mistake. For a variety of reasons. I'm even considering removing those two pages and redoing them in proper, full-page glory at some point in the future.

Secondly, we now have a puppy. He also came into our lives in August. And it has been a mostly pleasant experience so far. I say "mostly" because, well, he is a rescue with severe separation anxiety and, on more than one occasion, has taken his anxiety out on door frames in our apartment. But he's a fast learner, he's sweet and cute. OH GOD, HE IS SO CUTE. When people see him, they're like "THAS A CUTE DOG!" and I'm like "WHY THANK YOU" like I had something to do with his good genes >_>

But pups take time, too. My girlfriend does most of the grunt work, but I do help her out by waking up a little earlier to take him on walks and get him food and whatnot.

Thirdly, I admit, I am distracted by another personal project. I love working on comics, but I also love working on my own games and the two don't necessarily get along well went it comes to vying for my attention. I have been working on particular game since 2010 off and on (and, if you are one of my coworkers, please note that it does not compete with our products :P) and have brought a friend on board to do artwork while I focus on designing and coding it. Which has been interesting because it has inadvertently pushed me into make decisions on the design sooner rather than later. And since I'm already in programming mode, I have put more thought about coding and implementation rather than comic scripting. Hence, why I haven't worked on any new ideas lately for the comic.

So, there you have it.

With any luck, the work schedule will hopefully be back to some altered level that can be considered "normal" in a month or two and I can use that to properly plan around my other distractions. Until then, please bear with me a while longer.



Kinetic Medic said...

Thanks for the update as always, and I'll keep an eye on the site for more update, I stuck through blue zombies eratic update schedule, I'll stick through this one, what can I say, I love the story and art of both :)


Draxenn said...

I agree with the Kinetic medic; I appreciate the update and look forward to new strips when you have both the time and energy to do so.

Thomas Mannino said...

man, I hear that